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Domestic Vandalism Charge Dismissed on 8/25/2020

August 2020


CASE OVERVIEW: Marin & Barrett, Inc. is extremely pleased to report that domestic vandalism and domestic disorderly conduct charges that had been pending against a Client in the Kent County District Court has been entirely dismissed.  Our Client had been charged with the domestic vandalism and domestic disorderly conduct charges after she alleged broke her husband's phone after a drunken dispute about childcare.  Based on the nature of the charges, if convicted she faced a maximum sentence of up to one year in jail (ACI) on the vandalism charge and up to six months in jail (ACI) on the disorderly conduct charge.

Once hired to defend the case, Attorney Barrett was able to work with the complaining witness (our Client's husband) and get them in contact with the Prosecution.  After an effective line of communication was opened up between the our client's husband and the Prosecution, negotiations quickly turned positive and the Town dismissed all charges and we are in the process of having them entire case expunged from our Client's record.


Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Kent County District Court

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