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Are you facing a DUI in Jamestown, RI? Being pulled over on the suspicion of drunk driving can be a scary and stressful time. The state of Rhode Island takes DUI cases very seriously and are quick to hand out severe punishments for anyone found guilty of the offense. If you are facing a DUI charge, you are likely wondering what your next step should be and are probably feeling concerned over how the potential penalties will impact your personal life.

Being convicted of a DUI can be costly, both financially and personally. You will likely be required to pay hefty fines and could even serve time in jail, which takes away your freedom. The conviction will also be placed on your public record, which can be seen by anyone who searches for it. Friends and family will be able to see it. Potential employers, landlords, and anyone else will be able to find this information, which could impact many situations in your future.

It's no secret just how detrimental a DUI conviction can be to your life. That's why it's important you hire an experienced Jamestown, RI DUI attorney to handle your case. The right attorney makes a huge influence on the penalties you receive. By preparing a strong defense for your case, you stand a chance to at least lower the possible penalties.

Driving Under the Influence in Jamestown, RI

Jamestown, RI is located in Newport County. It's located 14 miles south of Warwick, RI. The town is included in the metropolitan area that is also made up of Providence, Fall River, and Warwick. The population of Jamestown, RI is on the smaller side with a population of just over 5,400 people. However, even though it has a smaller population, the area is not immune to drunk driving. We are here to serve anyone facing such charges within Jamestown.

The state of Rhode Island has really cracked down on drunk driving and awards hefty penalties for those convicted in an effort to cut down on this offense. The penalties you face will depend on how many prior DUI offenses you have received, as well as your BAC level at the time of being pulled over. Your attorney can also make a huge difference by helping to shorten or eliminate jail time so you don't lose your freedom and your job.

Even for a first offense, the penalties you face if convicted of a DUI are very severe. You face a lengthy license suspension, exorbitant fines and court fees, community service, enrollment in a driving or alcohol treatment program, and possible jail time. Fortunately, you do stand a chance of avoiding some of these penalties by choosing an attorney who is experienced, capable, and confident in the courtroom.

Not only do you face the penalties the court hands out, but you also face consequences in other areas of your life. Being charged with a DUI could cause you to lose your job and make it difficult to secure employment in the future. You will likely see an increase in your insurance rates as a result, costing you even more money after the court case has been closed.

Providing You With a Strong Defense

As your attorney, Kensley Barrett will be committed to keeping you out of jail and fighting for your rights as his client. He will look for any potential mistakes made by police during the time of the incident and also look for weaknesses in the state's case against you.

He will find out if there was probable cause for the traffic stop. An officer needs to have a legitimate reason for pulling you over, so probable cause must be present. Barrett will also investigate the accuracy of any field sobriety tests you had to perform and the accuracy of the breathalyzer test if you chose to submit to it at the time of being pulled over. All of these details will be put together to form a strong defense for your case.

Free Consultation with a Jamestown DUI Lawyer

If you are facing a DUI in Jamestown, RI, please contact our office today. We can schedule a free consultation to talk about your rights, plus the penalties you are likely facing if convicted. We can also determine what your next step should be in your case in an effort to get you the best outcome possible in court.

It's important that you do not waste any time and seek help from an experienced Jamestown DUI lawyer immediately. Kensley Barrett is the attorney you need to take on your case. Our firm has been handling DUI cases for years and we are knowledgeable on the DUI laws within Rhode Island. This will help us put together a powerful defense to potentially lower your penalties or get the DUI charges dropped altogether.

Call today to schedule your free consultation. It's time to put the stress of a DUI charge behind you by putting the case in our hands.

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