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Rhode Island Kidnapping Defense Attorney

A kidnapping charge comes with some serious penalties, including prison time. Learn how we can help defend you.

Kidnapping is the act of abducting, restraining, or confining someone against his or her will. It's a serious crime that will leave you facing years in jail and could have you paying thousands of dollars in fines if you were to be convicted. Each state has their own punishments for those convicted of kidnapping and none of them take this crime lightly.

Types of Kidnapping

There are various types of kidnapping that differ in severity and will therefore come with different consequences. One could be charged with first-degree kidnapping, commonly known as assault kidnapping. This type of kidnapping occurs when violence or sexual assault is involved. If the person who was kidnapped is harmed either physically or mentally, the kidnapper could be charged with a Category A felony.

Second-degree kidnapping is kidnapping that does not inflict any physical harm onto the victim. This is considered a Category B felony if you are convicted of this crime. You can also be charged with childsnatching, which is when a person intentionally takes or detains a child under the age of 18. This is done with the intent to deny the other parent the right of custody. Being convicted of child snatching could land you in prison for up to two years and cost you as much as $10,000 in fines.

Penalties for Kidnapping in Rhode Island

As mentioned above, the consequence you face for kidnapping will depend on the type of kidnapping crime that was committed, plus any other details surrounding the case. No matter what type of kidnapping was committed, this is a crime that is taken very seriously by the state of Rhode Island and will leave you facing life-altering consequences.

If convicted of kidnapping, you will likely face a lengthy jail sentence, exorbitant fines, and also probation. In cases of first-degree kidnapping, you will likely face imprisonment of 20 years or more and you may wind up paying fines that cost well over $50,000. You will likely receive a probation period of 10 years or more as well. For second-degree kidnapping, jail sentences of five years or more are most common and could still have you paying at least $10,000 in fines.

Have You Been Accused of Kidnapping?

If you or someone you know has been accused of kidnapping, you need to contact an attorney immediately to assist with your case. With the help of an attorney by your side, you could possibly get charges lowered or even dropped. Without an attorney, you stand no chance at getting a favorable outcome in court, leaving you to deal with serious consequences. Even if you aren't charged, you will still have to face the kidnapper stigma that will be left with you long after the case has been closed.

As a result, you need someone who can help in minimizing the impact kidnapping charges could have on your life. Kensley Barrett is an experienced criminal attorney and has previously handled kidnapping cases for his clients. He will put together a strong strategy to confidently represent you in court. His goal for his clients is always to keep them out of jail and he will fight to do the same for you.

If you would like to speak to Kensley Barrett about your kidnapping case, you can schedule a free consultation with him to discuss your options. It's a no-obligation consultation, which gives you the opportunity to figure out what kind of penalties you could be facing. To schedule your free consultation, it's imperative that you act now. Contact our office today.

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