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Warwick DUI Lawyer

Have you been arrested in Warwick, RI for a DUI charge? If so, we can help. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Are you facing a DUI in Warwick, RI? You don't have to be scared about the charges you are facing or give in by pleading guilty in court. Instead, you can choose to fight your case with an experienced Warwick DUI Lawyer by your side.

With years of experience handling DUI cases and knowledge of the complex DUI laws of Rhode Island, Warwick DUI Lawyer Kensley Barrett is the attorney to take on your case. He will fight for your rights as his client and work to get you the best possible outcome as he prepares to take your case to court. You can feel confident knowing you have a strong defense and a skilled attorney to guide you every step of the way.

DUI Defense Strategies for Your Case

It's important that you do not give in to thinking your DUI case is a lost cause. There are many things the right attorney can do to help decrease the penalties you face and possibly get them dropped altogether. As your attorney, Kensley will look for any mistakes made by police during the time of the incident and any weaknesses in the state's case. Some of the things he looks for during his investigation of your conviction include:

When putting together your defense, Kensley will find out if there was probable cause for the initial traffic stop. Did the officer have a reason for pulling you over? An officer needs to have probable cause in order to justify stopping you and your motor vehicle. This is the first thing we will investigate in your case.

Next, we will look at the accuracy of any field sobriety tests you had to perform at the time of the traffic stop. These field sobriety tests do not yield accurate results if they were not performed in the correct environment and handled properly by the officer who pulled you over. They are, therefore, unreliable in many cases.

Finally, we will also challenge the results of the breathalyzer test you took after being pulled over. There are a variety of issues with breathalyzer tests that can prevent you from getting the most accurate reading. We will find out if the breathalyzer was up-to-date, whether or not the officer who administered the test was qualified to do so, and more. All of these elements will help us put together a strong defense for your case.

Penalties You Face for a DUI in Warwick

The penalties you face if convicted of a DUI in Warwick, RI will depend on how many prior offenses you've had, plus your proven BAC level at the time of being pulled over. Even for a first offense, the penalties you face are severe and can be detrimental to your personal life.

If convicted of a DUI, you face a lengthy license suspension, exorbitant fines and court fees, community service, enrollment in a driving or alcohol treatment program, and possible jail time. These consequences can have a major impact on your life. A Warwick DUI conviction may cause you to lose your job, prevent you from securing future employment, and even be costly due to the fines and increase in your insurance rates.

Free Consultation with a Warwick DUI Lawyer – Call Today

If you are facing a DUI in Warwick, RI, please contact our office today. We can schedule a free consultation to talk about your rights, the penalties you could be facing, and determine what the next step should be for your case. You don't have to face your DUI charge alone. We can help you get through it and ease the stress you have been facing.

Remember, you do not have to accept the charges you are facing. We can take your case to court and work to get the charges decreased or possibly dropped. Don't waste any more time. Contact us today for your consultation.

Established in 1642, Warwick is located in Kent County within Rhode Island. The city has the largest population in the state of Rhode Island and is a popular destination for tourists due to beaches, bays, and its colonial history. Whether you live in the area or were visiting and received a DUI, we can help with your case.

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Ken was a great lawyer. He helped me though the entire process and consistently went out of his way to help answer any questions I might have had. If not for him the whole process would have been much more difficult. I would highly recommend his services for anyone that might run into DUI trouble.

Kensley Barrett

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