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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense in Rhode Island and all around the US. The state of Rhode Island especially has taken a hard stance on DUI offenses of all kinds. Because a drinking and driving charge can be a stressful and scary situation, many people are left confused and wondering what to do next. A DUI conviction can permanently change your life in a variety of ways, including: affecting your ability to drive, causing issues with your job or even the loss of your job, affecting future employment opportunities, and even taking away your freedom. Even a first time DUI offense can lead to the loss of your license, expensive fines, higher insurance rates, and even the risk of jail time.

Whether it's your first offense, your second, or even your third, you face very serious consequences for a DUI. You will face potential jail time, expensive fines and penalties, license suspension, and more. As a result, you need a lawyer who understands these consequences and is willing to fight to reduce any punishments you face.

If you or someone you know is being convicted of a DUI, the first thing you must do is to contact an attorney for an evaluation. Rhode Island DUI law is complex and requires a trained, experienced DUI lawyer to handle them. Those convicted of a DUI face very serious consequences and they need to have a strong defense strategy built around their case if they hope to reduce or eliminate the charges.

Challenging Your Conviction

The consequences you face will depend on how many DUI offenses you've had, your blood alcohol level (BAC), and other factors. It's important to know what you're up against and to build your case.

Part of having a strong defense strategy has to do with evaluating all of the details surrounding your conviction. As your attorney, Kensley Barrett will work hard to investigate your unique case. He will challenge the constitutionality of the traffic stop to make sure you were not pulled over without reasonable suspicions from an officer. Kensley will challenge any field sobriety tests you had to perform after being pulled over, as they do not provide accurate results if they aren't handled correctly. He will also challenge the breath test to ensure it was administered properly and has provided an accurate result. He will fight to put together a strategy that will help ease the consequences and stress you are facing.

You need representation from an attorney who understands the intricacies of DUI defense. Kensley Barrett has spent years working with DUI cases as an Assistant Public Defender. This experience gave him firsthand knowledge of the methods used by prosecutors and police officers in drunk driving cases. As a defense attorney, Kensley Barrett has aggressive investigation and cross-examination tactics. He has represented clients in over one hundred DUI cases and will confidently take yours on, too. You need a lawyer who will aggressively protect your rights and freedom in criminal and DUI cases. That lawyer is Kensley Barrett.

Kensley Barrett

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