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Computer Crimes

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In this digital age, there's no doubt that computer crimes are on the rise. With more and more people being convicted of these kinds of offenses, there's an increased need for attorneys who specialize in handling cases of computer crimes so they can best serve their clients. If you or someone you know is facing a computer crime of any sort, you'll want to retain an attorney who has both the experience and the knowledge to help you if you hope to stand a chance of getting a favorable outcome in the courtroom.

Our law offices defends clients who are accused of committing the following computer crimes, as well as many others: using a computer for the purpose of committing fraud, data theft (this could include obtaining personal information with the intention of committing identity theft), conducting any fraudulent activity in an effort to obtain personal information, accessing a computer you had not been permitted to use, creating or distributing viruses and malware, the possession/production/transmission of child pornography, soliciting minors via the internet, and cyberstalking or cyberbullying others via the internet.

Each one of the aforementioned acts is considered to be a serious crime and will not be taken lightly in a court of law. In fact, there are federal laws in place that dish out harsh penalties on those who commit computer crimes of any kind. You will face hefty consequences for committing any of these acts, including lengthy jail sentences and exorbitant fines. It may have you feeling like all hope is lost and like you don't stand a chance at reducing or dropping the charges you face.

On the bright side, an attorney who is experienced in computer crimes can help you out. The reality is, computer crimes and crimes involving other technology can often be difficult to prove in a court of law. In many cases, it's hard to prove you were the one who was using the computer and taking part in any kind of illegal act. There are a variety of defenses that work in this type of situation, such as arguing that your computer was hacked or that someone else had your personal information and therefore had access to your computer or other device. An attorney will be able to put together a strong defensive strategy that takes all of this information into account and will work hard to defend you in court.

How We Work

If you or someone you know is facing charges for computer crimes, it's imperative that you seek legal representation from a qualified attorney immediately. The sooner you get an attorney involved in the case, the better chance you stand in the courtroom. You want to give your attorney plenty of time to conduct an investigation of their own and to form a defensive strategy that works. Don't make the mistake of assuming you are doomed and therefore choosing not to speak to an attorney beforehand.

You can contact our law offices today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case. This is a no-commitment consultation and provides you with an opportunity to see what your options are with your charges and will help you decide if we are the right fit to work together.

If you choose to move forward with our office, we'll begin work on your case right away. You can always count on us to keep you updated on progress being made on your case and we will prepare you for court so you can feel confident if you have to go to trial.

Our number one priority is always to protect our clients and we will fight hard to get the charges of computer crimes dropped or, at the very least, reduced. We always strive to minimize the negative impact criminal convictions can have on your personal life and we've been able to achieve favorable results for many clients.

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