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Frequently Asked Questions about Probation in Rhode Island

Posted by Ken Barrett | Apr 14, 2018 | 0 Comments

Are there certain rules everyone has to follow while on probation in Rhode Island?

Yes. If you are placed on probation in Rhode Island, the judge will order you to follow the general conditions of probation. Failure to follow the judge's orders may result in a probation violation. Parole rules may include:

  • Report to your probation officer (PO) on a schedule directed by probation;
  • Remain law abiding;
  • Do not travel outside the state of Rhode Island without advance approval;
  • Do not move from the state of Rhode Island without advance approval;
  • Inform your probation officer immediately if you move within the state of Rhode Island, so they have a current address for you.

How is “specialized probation” different than regular probation?

Certain types of cases present certain issues more frequently. For example, those convicted of drug offenses are more likely to have chemical use issues than those convicted of non-drug crimes. Because of this recognition, certain categories of probationers may have certain, special issues, specialized probation targets certain types of offenses.

Those selected for specialized probation have more frequent contact with their probation officers than those who are not on specialized probation. Because more contact is required, probation officers who have specialized probation caseloads work with fewer probationers. The specialized probation officers focus their attention on the following areas with their probationers:

  • Risk factors;
  • Victim safety; and
  • Special treatment needs.

What types of convictions might result in specialized probation?

The following is not an exhaustive list, but are examples of the types of cases where the convicted person is assigned to specialized probation:

What does “regular contact” with a probation officer entail?

Regular contact varies in the type and frequency based on a number of factors, including the nature of the current offense, any prior offenses, and the stability of a probationer's home and work life. Probation agents also consider past behavior while on probation, one's history of failure to comply with court orders or the rules of probation, and the risks to the community when evaluating the appropriate amount of contact.

Contact may consist of the following:

  • Office visits;
  • Home visits;
  • Contacts with family;
  • Visits on the job;
  • Telephone calls; and
  • Communications with treatment providers.

Once a person has established consistently they are reliable and a low risk of reoffending, they may qualify for minimum supervision, also referred to as “banked cases” where they no longer need to report to a PO.

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