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Have criminal charges in Providence, Rhode Island got you down? Are you worried about what the future holds and wondering what the next step is? If you haven't already, the first thing you should do is to hire a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney. Instead of going it alone, you need an attorney by your side to guide you through every step of the legal process. You need an attorney who is knowledgeable on the laws and the strategies that could help you achieve a positive outcome in court.

No matter if you're facing misdemeanor charges, felony charges, DUI charges or more, you stand a chance at lowering or dropping the charges before you if you have an attorney representing you. Without a skilled attorney, you frankly don't stand much of a chance. The case your attorney presents will make all the difference when it comes the penalties you wind up facing.

One attorney who is prepared to take on your criminal charges, no matter how severe they may be, is Kensley Barrett. Barrett is a Providence criminal defense attorney who has over five years of experience serving the Rhode Island area. He has gotten over 300 cases dismissed for his clients and continues to take on even the toughest cases. While other lawyers try to avoid taking cases to trial, Barrett prepares to head to the court room by developing a strong defense on behalf of his client.

In order to best serve you as your lawyer, Barrett will conduct an investigation into your case. He will gather all the necessary information in order to form what he feels will be the most effective defense. He enters the court room with all the data he needs to present to the court and comes prepared to poke holes in the prosecutor's defense.

At the Law Offices of Kensley Barrett, we provide ourselves on providing the best service to our clients. It's important to use to be completely honest and transparent throughout the entire legal process. You'll never be left in the dark because we'll keep you updated every step of the way. Plus, you can count on Barrett to be aggressive with his defense when you go to trial.

If this sounds like exactly the kind of lawyer you need on your side, contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation. We provide these consultations as a way for potential clients to discuss their cases, determine what they're up against, and to decide whether or not Barrett is the right attorney for them. This is a no-obligation consultation, so there's nothing to lose by meeting with us. No matter who you hire as your attorney, it's important that you seek legal representation immediately if you want to be prepared for your court date.

About Kensley Barrett

Kensley Barrett is an experienced Providence criminal defense attorney. He's proudly served the Rhode Island area for over five years now and has successfully won many criminal cases for his clients. He takes pride in offering great service to his clients and works hard to minimize the negative impact criminal charges can have on the lives of his clients. As he is well-versed on the Rhode Island laws and has dealt with a wide array of charges, he knows the best strategies to see results in trial.

Barrett studied at the University of Connecticut School of Law, where he received his Juris Doctorate. He also obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Florida International University. He is in good standing with the Rhode Island Bar Association and is also a member of the National College for DUI Defense, making him knowledgeable on DUI laws and strategies.

Before serving the Rhode Island area as a Providence criminal defense attorney, he worked as an attorney for the U.S. Department of Education, was an Assistant Public Defender, and worked as an Equality Opportunity Specialist at the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. Barrett was also a member of the Coast Guard for over 10 years.

Kensley Barrett

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